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Dallas Center Police Department

1402 Walnut Street, Dallas Center, IA 50063

Michelle R. Leonard, Chief of Police
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Phone 515-992-3086
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The Dallas Center PD is staffed by well-trained, experienced officers. While the department's manpower, vehicles, and police gear are adequate for our city, we are an active part of a crime prevention network of quickly shared intelligence data, communications, and very highly trained manpower able to be in Dallas Center within minutes, from all levels of law enforcement.

The department is staffed by full-time Chief of Police Michelle Leonard and a full-time officer and 2 reserve officers. Our training and ongoing re-qualifications include physical fitness, combat, drug recognition, firearms, telescoping police wand/baton, defensive tactics, and much more, through the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy in Johnston, Iowa.

With the Dallas County Sheriff's Office operating as the dispatch center for Dallas County, we have 365, 24/7 telephone, two-way radio, and DSL online communications access to the 911 system, other law other enforcement agencies, and national crime information databases such as NCIC and CJIS.

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  • Our Code of Conduct: All law enforcement officers must be fully aware of the ethical responsibilities of their position and . . .
  • Dallas Center Scanner Frequencies: Scanner frequencies of police, fire and rescue, EMS, and other government communications that can be monitored by Dallas Center residents.
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