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Crime in Dallas Center

A report done early in 2008 for the city of Dallas Center stated that the annual property crimes reported in Dallas Center are "39 per 100,000 residents" and total other crimes are "38 per 100,000 residents"; violent crimes are "27 per 100,000 residents". Translated to our population of 1600 residents, that means that we average around one of each of those categories in a two-year period.

A review of the Dallas Center PD's monthly reports is reflective of those numbers.

Dallas Center Police Department Monthly Reports

Mound Park, Dallas Center, Iowa, Roller Skating

The photo above is of the start of a typical "skate night" at the southwest corner of Mound City Park in Dallas Center, bordered on the west by Kellogg Avenue and on the north and south by Walnut and Sycamore Streets. The skate rink building is manned by attendants, involved parents are present, and we have an alert officer on patrol. How much closer can you get to the "good old days"?

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