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Phone 515-992-3086

When and How to Call the Police

Don't forget that your best crime prevention partners are your local police department and sheriff's office. Their professional training and daily experiences include hands-on familiarity with all kinds of crime and the methods and habits of the criminals. Keep the phone numbers where you can find them quickly.

Our non-emergency number is 515-992-3086, and the 24/7 non-emergency dispatch number of the Dallas County Sheriff's Office is 515-993-4567.

Most importantly, the quickest deterrent to most criminal activities is the presence of a law officer; you know what's "normal" in your neighborhood, and whenever you see something or someone that seems out of place or otherwise suspicious, call a cop !

Should I call 911?

All 911 calls in Dallas County except for the city of Perry are taken by the Dallas County Sheriff's Office Communications Division, making sure that if local police, fire, rescue, or EMS resources are not available for any reason, the county's or the closest available city units will respond to every call quickly.(See more details of the 911 system at the Dallas County Sheriff's website.)

Call 911 when there is an emergency, and:

  • lives are in danger, and immediate action is required, such as
    • a burning building or vehicle, 
    • a serious injury or medical condition (i.e.; a heart attack), 
    • an in-progress crime situation such as a shooting, stabbing, armed robbery, etc.

  • or there is a good chance of arresting a crime suspect, or of preventing the development of a serious crime situation by reporting suspicious persons, vehicles or circumstances, threats of violence or injury, disturbances or actions which, if not controlled quickly, could lead to an emergency.

In non-emergency situations, call listed law enforcement phone numbers, or send a letter, a standard email, or a confidential/anonymous email, depending on the situation.

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